About Us

proelius n. (latin derivative) prō⋅Ē⋅lē⋅us
1. to battle; impressively competitive
2. martial arts school marketing champion

What Makes Proelius Media Different?

Proelius Media takes a different approach than most other web designers by getting to know your business before we write a single line of code. Every business is unique, and even companies within the same industry have totally different strengths and weakness from their competitors, no matter what the similarities are.

Having designed hundreds of websites for different businesses ranging from legal to construction to the gaming industry, we’ve seen a lot of successful and unsuccessful business models. And of course, our own company has not been without its own highs and lows; no one’s has. It is from these experiences that we’ve learned what is generally appealing at a rudimentary level to what specific audiences are looking for at a very niche level. It’s this experience that we apply to each business we make successful that gives us that competitive edge.

We are proud enough to say that we can guarantee results, but humble enough to admit that we can’t do it without learning more about you and your company. We are always learning, always practicing, never giving up.

Get in touch with us now so that we start learning about you.