What is Tap-|n?

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Tap-|n™ is a simple attendance-tracking system that allows you to see who is coming and going, and for them to see what they’ve earned for coming and going.

At it’s core, Tap-|n is quite simple. Members of your establishment are all given cards with your logo and their picture and/or name on it. At your gym, health/fitness, or martial arts center, you have a single small box with a couple lights on it that beeps when a member “taps in”, by tapping their card to the box. This sends their card ID to our server and marks them as present for that hour (you can only tap in once per hour), which can be designated as their class or session.

Gladius Dashboard
Gladius Attendance Management System

On the back end is a Gladius Membership System where you can log in and look at statistical analytics, trends, and traffic for your establishment and see how it compares to other businesses in your industry. You can also do a lot more, like setting up payments for membership dues for individual members, adding and modifying member profiles, leaving comments for members, and on and on.

Tap-|n is best for establishments who:

  • have paying customers, paying for membership
  • have programs and services members pay to join
  • have members that return with some frequency

What We Use it For

On our end, we use the Tap-|n System to measure the success ratio of marketing campaigns you have coordinated with us. So if we are doing a “flash Members Only Buy-One-Get-One-Free Sale”, Tap-|n allows us to see if there are spikes in attendance, or what’s working and what’s not.

There’s so much more that the data tells us, but that’s it in a nutshell.

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