Our Services

Web Design and SEO Marketing

Your business isn’t going to build itself. That’s why we handle all of the website design, hosting, Social Media Marketing, email campaigns, and internet advertising for you. It may be fun for you to play around with, but now it’s time to let us jump in and help you create a web presence that brings in students. Period. (You can still do the fun stuff, of course.) READ MORE…

Print Marketing and Identity Branding

Whether you love your existing print material and logo design identity or all of that is way outside your realm of interest, we help you make a cohesive and powerful identity that is consistent from business cards to testing registration forms to tournament flyers. We do it all, and we do it well.

Attendance Tracking


We handle all of the attendance tracking statistics so you can see trends and keep students and members on track. We introduce you to the Tap-|n™ badge system so you can see who’s coming and going, and who’s not. The point-based component of this system insures that your students want to come back, they want to be seen, and that they can be rewarded for it.

Look for the Tap-|n™ logo at any participating location and get points just for tapping your badge there. Read more…

Tuition Billing

We handle the confrontation of billing students for you, to whatever level we can help, by automating the payment system for you. The dashboard allows you to set up contracts (or not) for whatever length you decide, and it automatically bills the students and lets you know when other fees may be due, such as when testing time comes around, when it’s time to charge sparring gear, and other timeline events that you may need.

Online Store

Your school is needlessly losing good profit to online retailers. When students sign up, they are excited and often want all the gear they can get their hands on. We want you to be able to direct them to your school’s online store so they can see all the gear they’ll need, and buy all the gear they want, all through your school’s resourceful store.

Class Formation and Business Plan Marketing

“Wait a minute. You think you’re going to come into my dojo and tell me how to teach my students?!” Well, sort of. We help provide ideas and ways to improve your school’s morale and student participation. We make sure you have all the knowledge that we do on how to make your students tell other prospective students why your martial arts school is the best. We share knowledge of our ideas that have worked, and what hasn’t. It’s your choice what you implement and what you don’t.

And so much more…

Those are just a few of the many ways we can sharpen your competitive edge. We can do so much more for your business and tailor your marketing strategy to fit your needs. Talk to us about your custom ideas for web and print marketing and we’ll make them happen, such as:

  • Fitness tips and tricks
  • Logo design coloring pages
  • Special Awards (that spread through social media like wildfire)
  • Word meanings in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Technical “specs” of a technique (such as a block or punch)
  • Real Anti-Bullying help for students and parents
  • Event coordination
  • Industry trends and statistics
  • and on and on…