Martial Arts Marketing

Marketing for Martial Arts schools can be a tricky thing. Most places out there that promise a lot can only deliver a little; not the traffic or new students you were expecting.

The Art of Marketing Martial Arts

At Proelius Media, we are very different. We are martial artists, and we’ve seen the good, the, bad, and the ugly side of martial arts schools and how they market themselves. With over twelve years of marketing experience, Proelius Media knows that it takes more than having a “rock star” instructor whose name is on the wall to bring in and retain students.

It’s great that you know how to handle physical confrontations on the mat or on the streets. You can teach well, fight well, and get others fighting well. But when it comes to confronting a student or students’ parents about their monthly tuition, or monitoring students’ attendance and keeping them on track, it can be very ego deflating.

We’ve found that even the best and most successful martial artists have little-to-no knowledge of how to be one of the best and most successful martial arts schools, regardless of the trophies and medals that line your wall.

That’s where we come in. You can call us the “bunkai” of your school’s business side.

bunkia n. (loosely translated)
1. the end result of the successful execution of a particular martial arts technique; ex. “The bunkai of this strike is knife-handing the opponent’s neck.”
2. practicing a form’s techniques with a partner
3. literally meaning “analysis” or “disassembly”, a term used in martial arts referring to the process of analyzing a form (kata) and extracting fighting techniques from the movements