What Does SEO Stand For?

Many marketing designers can play off of (or prey upon) the pride you have in your company to get paid and give you stuff that’s “good enough”. As our name implies, we’re not afraid to just fight for your business, but we live to  to do battle for your success.

What is SEO?

Unfortunately, the term “S.E.O.” gets thrown around like the loser in the Octagon. It certainly means different things to different folks. Unfortunately SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) at its simplest means to “optimize your website for search engines (such as Google)” so the search engine likes your site and therefore serves it up as a listing when customers search for things that your site is trying to sell, thereby getting you more traffic. 

The Importance of Branding

Before – Proelius

The sad truth is that all of that is subjective. No one knows for sure what search engines are looking for because they guard their algorithms better than Fort Knox. And for good reason; if I had the exact knowledge of how to get my site to pop up first for everything I wanted I would dominate the web. Sadly, most web-designers promise “SEO” but leave out the important part that even the search engines tell webmasters: build your site for your customers, not for search engines!

I could have my entire content written around important search terms like Sacramento SEO and SEO in Sacramento and just repeat them so much that a human can’t even understand what the site is saying anymore. You’ve got to work key phrases in with style (like I just did, see that?) 🙂

What Makes Our SEO Different?

Website Design after update
After – Proelius

I love that question: “What makes your SEO better than the SEO we’ve already got?

Fair question, but the answer is simple: “We build your site for your customers to enjoy AND we take care of the formalities search engines look for.

We can “Spam-Engine Optimize” your site by using key phrases (like “Sacramento SEO” <- see what I did there? 🙂 over and over to “trick” the search engines, which ultimately hurts your site for the long term. So we make it readable. See, you’ve found this page, you’re reading this, spending time on this page, and you might even tell someone about it – one way or another – so others will come and do the same thing. So Google will score my site higher for THOSE reasons, not because I just keep writing “SEO Sacramento” all the time.

There’s so much that goes into scoring your site higher, like personalized and well-named images and pages, human and Search Engine easy navigation, and UNIQUE text and images. Not template-branding from a template farm. Real market branding is critical to delivering more memorability, more appeal, and more activity to your site than Spam-Engine Marketing.

Call us or drop us a line to talk about it. It’s one of our most favorite subjects to chat about!